4 Steps for a successful negotiation

The first step in my way to success began when I understood that words were the key.
When you know how to communicate, you basically know how to convince and persuade.

It looks very “business” when I say that, but life is made of negotiation, 100% time.
It begins when you’re just a child, you always try to negotiate to have a specific toy, or a candy, or the brand new stickers from Pokemon.
Growing up the negotiation evolves, and you now want clothes, you want to go out with friends, you want freedom. For all of these examples you are actually negotiating.In this article I will try to give you my tips for a successful negotiation, based on what I learned at school, but also based on my own experience.

STEP 1 : You have to know what you want

The first step is basically to know what you want to get after the negotiation. 
You have to know your objectives, and you have to really want it. A successful negotiation happens when you truly believe in what you’re saying, and when you’re sincere and not fake.

STEP 2 : Prepare your arguments

Before starting your negotiation you have to prepare your arguments.
Two types of arguments exist : numerical, and factual. Both have to be really concrete and strong. I personally prefer factual arguments, that are, according to me, more effective to negotiate and obtain what you want. 
The factual arguments have the advantage to touch the feelings of everybody, whereas the numerical arguments can be worthless in front of people who don’t like numbers for example. 
Your arguments have to be strong, as the receptor will try to ask you questions, and see if your arguments are receivable

STEP 3 : Fell confortable 

Dress well, drink water, clear your voice, nothing is worst than feeling bad during a negotiation. You have to be ready and to feel powerful to negotiate.
In your head, you are the boss, and nothing can stop you from achieving your objective. 
Speak loud, be confident, and be proud of who you are, be proud of your ideas, they are uniques, and you are unique so feel strong and powerful

STEP 4 : Let’s fucking do it

Don’t hesitate and let’s go. Time to negotiate, don’t speak too fast, or too slow. 
Just speak naturally, like you would do in front of your mirror at home. 

I hope that this article will help you during your future negotiations. If you have any question I’ll be glad you answer you and give you more advices and tips. 
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