How I make money with Crypto

I hear a lot of people saying that it’s too late to earn money thanks to Bitcoin, or other crypto. This is absolutely false. 
I started to trade crypto 2 months ago, and realized a profit of 1200€ in only 4 weeks. 

It is true that if you want to adopt a buy and hold strategy, it might be too late to start buying crypto. But if you’re adopting a more “trading” style, you can still earn a lot of money. 

This method do not need a lot of financial knowledge.
The basic point is to buy cheap, and sell expensive. For example let’s consider Litecoin, a Bitcoin derivative. Today it is worth approximately 250€, quite high for this value. 
You could think that it’s too late to buy it, but in reality it is always the best time to buy. 
One week ago the price was about 120€ per Litecoin, so I bought some. I sold it all on Tuesday when it was worthing 320€, making a 200€ profit per Litecoin I had. 
Then it went down to 230€ on Friday, so I bought again and I am quite sure that it will go up to 320€ soon. 

Capture d_écran 2017-12-16 à 17.55.52
Litecoin Price during last week

The idea is to use hat we call in finance “price correction”, which are price decrease due to correction to a “normal level”. The corrections are generally 20% to 30% decrease of the price, and you have to buy during this period of time to sell when it comes back to originel price. 

You could tell me that the Crypto platform are complicated, complex, and not intuitive, but let me prove you that it’s not the case. 
I personally use COINBASE, an american firm, who provide the easiest platform you can find on the internet. 
I made 1200€ profit in 4 weeks, and I had never touched a single Crypto platform before !

If you want to start to buy Bitcoin, or other Crypto, it is the perfect platform. 

Here is my link to the platform : by using it you will receive 10€ in bitcoin free fromthe platform as a welcome gift. All you need to do is signing on the platform, and realize a first investment of 90€, you will then automatically be credited with 10€ in Bitcoin.

One last advice for you, I would tell you to buy Litecoin, as we’re pretty sure that it will go up very soon, up to 400€ in the next two weeks according to my analysis. 

Good trades !