3 Movies that will motivate you

When talking about motivation, a lot of people will recommend you books, or academic articles; I personally find my own motivation in movies. 
In this article I will present you 3 movies that you have to watch, and that will motivate you.

Wall Street, Oliver Stone, 1987

This movie introduces the story of Bud Fox, a young trader working in New York.
Bud wants to achieve success, and he wants it really fast. 
When he gets to meet Gordon Gekko, a finance genius, he quickly learn all the Wall Street tricks and illegal stuff. He gets what he wanted : cash, power, girls. 
What I do like in this movie is not the “illegal” side, but much more the determination and ambition that feels Bud Fox. He wanted something, so he achieved it. 

The only thing that this character missed is the vision : to anticipate the problems, and counter them.
This movie is a classic, you have to watch it, you will learn a lot. 


Scarface, Brian de Palma, 1983

What a famous movie, and what a pleasure to watch it again and again. 
Not romantic, not sweet, quite rude, but incredibly real. The aim to achieve goals and objectives has never been that well represented than in this movie. 
Al Pacino who plays the role of Tony Montana, a cuban refugee, starts at the bottom of Florida’s mafia, to end up dominating it. 
This is the story of success. The movie is oriented about drug, especially cocaine, but the message delivered is that when you want something hard, you can have it. 

What I want you to remember, is again about the vision : don’t lets the success blind you, or you will pay it with your own life. Success is perfect, but if you’re dead then it means nothing. 
The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese, 2013

“Sell me this fucking pen”. 
What a more chocking example for determination, ambition, and success than Jordan Belfort. This movie, inspired by the autobiography of J.B, an american Trader, is incredible. From the beginning till the end the word POWER will be in front of you. 
The story of a young trader, starting from zero to get to the top, but also the story of the financial life in Wall Street. 
What you have to learn in this movie is about words, and I will always insist on how important words are : Jordan Belfort knows how to use words and communication, and that’s how he achieved all his objectives. 

If you have not seen this movie yet just run and buy it !


If I had to use the movies to give you tips and advices I will tell you to keep your vision clear. Never let success blind you, or you will pay it, and it will be very expensive. 
Keep a clear vision, never forget where you’re coming from, that the key.