2 Stocks you should have in your portfolio

Monday, 18th of December, and here are two stocks that you should have in your portfolio. I will post several articles like this one every Monday to start your week with the best stocks in your portfolio.

LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy)

A must have in your portfolio. the stock actually values 250.80€. 
52 weeks ago the stock valued 175.80. Nice evolution of the stock in the last weeks.
Their income statement is strong and the balance sheet looks positive in both long and short term.
Buy and Hold it to 280€ then sell it, that is my plan concerning this stock.
I’m not really into buying and holding, but LMVH shows really nice results, according to me it should go up quite fast.

Capture d_écran 2017-12-18 à 10.33.21


HSBC Global Asset Management – Actions Monde D

This mutual fund in an open-end fund. 
For those who don’t know what a mutual fund is, it is basically a pack of several stocks, managed by a professional trader. 
When you buy part of a fund, you do not own stocks, but you own a part of the mutual fund. Let’s say that you invest 1000€ in the mutual fund, and that the fund is composed of 10 stocks (BNP, LVMH, AT&T .. )
If the evolution rate of the 10 stocks is 5% for example, then you will have a 1000% x 5% = 50€ of profit. 
This is a long term investment fund (superior to 5 years), and the results are incredible. 
I started to invest in it in May and already made a 4.20% profit on my initial investment. 
The fund shows incredible results : 80% up in 5 years, and still constant and strong !
Don’t Hesitate ! 

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