2 Altcoins you must have in your Wallet

Altcoins, or alternative coins are derivative from bitcoin.
There cryptocurrencies are incredibly interesting, I had to tell you about it.

I will talk about 2 Altcoins that are particularly interesting according to me.


Ripple (XRP)       ripple

You’ve probably heard about it if you’re interested in crypto currency. Ripple represents the future of our banking system transactions.
With very few transaction fees and immediate transactions, this is the future.
A lot of people will say that it is a shit coin because it is not completely decentralized :
I disagree with them.
It might not be decentralized but one thing is sure, you can earn a shit ton of money thanks to Ripple and that is absolutely interesting

Ripple is actually down compared to the All time high, I would advice you to buy it right now to start making profit. Buy it under 1.80$ and it will be really profitable.
Between 1.80 and 2.00 it is still worth but more risky.
Don’t wait and run buy it, Ripple has just published a new partnership with MoneyGram, one of the leader in money sending.


Tierion (TNT)      Tierion_Logo

That is a surprise : I believe in TNT, one day it will be a giant.
Tierion is using the blockchain for security and verification of data.

I love it when we talk about security of data. With the blockchain, a huge amount of data will be exchanged in the future we know it, and people will want to secure it.
TNT will be in charge of this security process.

With two contracts signed with Philips and Microsoft I am absolutely sure that this crypto will go up pretty soon.
I bought a bunch of it at 0.13$ it now worths 0.25$, nearly a 100% profit on this one.

Trust me, TNT is the future in the security process for blockchain, and as the future of the exchanges is the blockchain we need companies like Tierion.


You must have these two coins in your wallet, this is a must.
If you want to buy some here is my link to Binance, you should hurry as the registration are limited with the huge demand nowadays.

Enjoy and nice trades !