Don’t panic, Don’t sell

As you can probably see in your blockfolio, red is everywhere.
Bitcoin’s down, litecoin’s down, ripple’s down, nearly everything is going down at this time.

My advice : don’t panic, and don’t sell.

Many people will see the value of the coins going down, and will want to sell to save their money, but this is a false thinking. By selling at this price you will lose a lot of money.
Feared to lose their money, people are selling, and the result of the selling wave is causing a huge decrease in the price of the coins. This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are scared of something, but they are doing everything to see it happens, like selling and observing the price going down.

Warren Buffet once said something about Wall Street, and we can apply it to the crypto world : Wall Street takes the money from the impatient, and gives it to the patient.
And that is absolutely true, don’t panic and don’t sell and you will be a winner at the end of the decreasing wave.

My advice would be even more precise : when everything is red it means discount, it means that it is time to buy. So buy some Bitcoin and Litecoin cause it’s discount day !
Drink a glass of water, breathe, and wait.
Profit is coming back soon, and will come back stronger than ever.