Why Can You Trust Me ?

One year ago I had 200€ in my bank account. Today I have more than 20.000€ in it, thanks to stocks and hard work. This might not look incredible but in one year I multiplied my capital by 100.
Let’s guess what I can do in 5 years.

I am a Business School student from Paris, and I wanted to be successful, and I wanted it quickly. I decided to use my soft skills (communication, determination, ambition) to achieve my goals and objectives.
One year later, I can relate : it does work.
Winner of two famous french Eloquence Contest, I have acquired strong skills of persuasion, and intervention.
Hard work is the key to open the giant gates of success.

In this motivational blog, I will give you all the tips and advices that helped me achieving my goals, trough several articles about stock market, crypto money market, oral advices for your interventions in front of people, and much more.
I will try to help you as much as I can in your way to success.

I don’t trust in luck, I trust in hard work and actions,
So let’s get to work together